Borrow and renew

Borrowing documents

You must be registered with one of the Lyon 3 libraries and have your library card with you.

You can borrow items at the reception desk of each library or use the automatic lending machines at your disposal.

You can borrow up to 20 documents for a period of 14 to 28 days depending on your status.

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“Seven-day loan” service

Some highly demanded documents have a borrowing period limited to seven days to allow as many people as possible to consult them.

A “seven-day loan” label is attached to these documents.

Warning ! The late-return penalty is multiplied by four for this type of document.

Returning documents

Documents can be returned to any of the Lyon 3 Libraries.

Return boxes

The Manufacture, Palais and MILC Libraries have return boxes where you can deposit your documents when the Libraries are closed.


Renewing documents

You can renew a document you have out on loan once, three days before the return date.
  • It is not possible to extend seven-day loans, DVDs or documents reserved by another user.
  • You cannot renew an item if the book concerned is already late or if you are late with one of your other books.
Renewals are for a duration equivalent to the period of the initial loan: 14 days for students, 42 days for doctoral students and professors.

Penalties for late returns

Late returns of items will automatically trigger the suspension of your borrowing privileges: the suspension will run for a period equal to the number of days the items are overdue.
For the seven-day loan service, one day overdue = four days of borrowing suspension.
This penalty applies to the entire Lyon 3 library network.

WARNING ! Excessively late returns prevent you from re-enrolling at the University.

Replacing lost documents

If you lose a book, you must purchase a new copy, in its latest edition. If the item is out of print, you must refund it at its actual price.

If you lose a DVD, you should not buy a replacement because only certain organisations are licensed to sell DVDs to libraries. You must therefore contact your library’s reception to pay for the item, which includes the price of the DVD and its distribution rights. The library will purchase the DVD.

If no equivalent price or item could be found, a flat rate of 30 euros will be charged

Equipment on loan

  • Whiteboard markers and wiper: loan on site to be used in the group study rooms
  • Laptops: at the Palais Library. Loan on site. At the Manufacture Library. Long term loan
  • Noise reduction earmuffs: only at the Palais Library. Loan on site
  • Projector: only at the Palais Library. Loan on site to be used in the group study rooms
  • HDMI adaptors: only at the Palais Library. Loan on site to be used in the group study rooms