Book a study spot

Several study rooms can be booked :

BDP salles de travail en groupe
  • 10 group study rooms at the Manufacture Library
  • 1 group study room at the MILC Library
  • 8 group study rooms at the Palais Library

Book a group study room at the Manufacture Library

Rooms can be booked up to seven days in advance.
You can book up to three hours per day, in half-hour slots.

How to book a group study room

► On your smartphone via the Affluences application
► On a computer using the Affluences website
  • 10 group study rooms are available to book
  • Rooms 1 to 6 on the 2nd floor of Management ( “Competition and certification” “Hobbes Building”)
  • Rooms 7 to 10 at the entrance of the 2nd floor of Humanities (“Humanities and Languages” “Fini Building”)
Rooms 1 and 6 are equipped with a screen allowing one or two computers to be projected at the same time. To use them, borrow one or two “ClickShare” buttons from reception and follow the instructions in the study room.

Number of places per room:

  • Room 1 : 5 places (with screen)
  • Rooms 2-3-4-5 : 3 places
  • Room 6 : 8 places (with screen)
  • Rooms 7-8-9 : 2 places
  • Room 10 : 4 places

Salles de travail en groupe BU manufacture

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