“Lyonese” Map of Library Resources

The agreement signed on September 1, 2000, between the ENS-LSH, the University Lyon 2 and the University Lyon 3 stipulates that the mission of the BIU-LSH (Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de recherche en lettres et sciences humaines) should be that of a shared research library, located at the Denis Diderot Library on the ENS-LSH campus in Gerland.

Appendix 1 of the agreement lists the disciplines assigned to each institution for the building of a research collection. The result is a map representing the library resources available to literature and humanities students in Lyons:

  • BIU-LSH: Geography, History (except Art History and Archeology), Languages (except Slavic and Oriental Languages), Literature, Philosophy, Language Science.
  • University Lyon 2: Psychology, Sociology, Economic and Social Sciences (except Law and Management), Political Science, Art History and Archeology.
  • University Lyon 3: Law, Management, Slavic and Oriental Languages.

The University of Lyon is a partnership whose main mission is to strengthen cooperation between Lyonese organizations in order to foster the intellectual radiance of Lyons and improve the life of students. The higher education institutions operating within the University of Lyon are working together to develop common tools. For example, the libraries of these institutions collaborate to become more accessible to all students and teachers. Consequently, they have undertaken to describe their collections, which could lead to the creation of a general map of library resources in Lyons.

Last updated: September 12, 2012