Lyon 3 Libraries

The main missions  of the SCD (Service Commun de la Documentation) are :

  • To implement the collection development policy of the university
  • To foster cooperation among libraries sharing the same goals
  • To train patrons in the use of the libraries
The SCD is responsible for managing the academic libraries, developing network tools for all university members (general catalog, information resource system, library management system for staff), contributing its professional expertise to twenty or so research libraries for the inclusion or their resources in local and national catalogs, and cooperating with other Lyons-based libraries and resource centers (specializing mostly in literature and the humanities).

Administration (management, accounting, human resources) and corporate (IT and materials processing) activities of the SCD are carried out on the 5th floor of the Manufacture Library (Law-Management aisle).

Director:  Marc Martinez
General Inquiries:
04 78 78 79 02
Address: 6 cours Albert Thomas 69371 Lyon Cedex 08
Entrance: 6 and 18, rue Rollet

Last updated: October 28, 2013